How to get to our nearest star in just twenty-two years

By Grigory Graborenko -

Let’s use particle accelerators to propel our spaceships! Wait, back up, why should we even try to reach Alpha-Centauri? Because the fate of the human race depends on it. Sure, we have five billion years to escape the death of the sun, but we gotta move sometime. Otherwise we’ll...

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Weird Science: The Ig Nobel prizes

By Calvin Lowe

Is it possible to know beforehand what you will discover? How do you determine whether or not your research is important? Who decides what...

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Marvel supervillain Magneto magnetically levitating a frog.

Big Science: Large Hadron Collider

By Calvin Lowe

We are in for a series of crazy and whacky sci-fi events. You can expect time travellers, micro black holes that will destroy large...

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A barrel detector from the CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider