Life after debt

By Nathan Waite -

Politicians love to whip up fear in the public. They live in a cartoon binary world of left and right, good and evil, and savers and debtors. This outlook helps politicians construct simple narratives which give our complicated social reality a sense of order but it leaves them unequipped to discuss economics with the...

Categories: Economics, Politics


The West enshrines Tarantino – The H8ful Eight

By A.C. Taylor -

  Quentin Tarantino has been round long enough that the tide of time and cinema has enveloped him. He started out (and continues) as...

Category: Reviews


Bangladesh, You Little Battler: Mark Swivel’s “How Deep Is Your Love?”

By Soheil Ahmed -

Mark Swivel’s “How Deep is Your Love?” is essentially a travel slide show, organized around his recent experiences in Bangladesh. Mark’s title, from the Bee...

Category: Reviews


How to get to our nearest star in just twenty-two years

By Grigory Graborenko -

Let’s use particle accelerators to propel our spaceships! Wait, back up, why should we even try to reach Alpha-Centauri? Because the fate of the...

Category: Science

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We need to stop calling ISIS a death cult

By Nathan Waite -

Despite what we are repeatedly told ISIS is not a “death cult”. In a media environment governed by clickbait and eye catching news snippets it sometimes feels...

Category: Politics


Spectre Review: A big steaming pile of meh

By Grigory Graborenko -

There are plenty of decent bond films. There’s something charming about the goofy absurdity of the older flicks. Even when Austin Powers satirized the...

Category: Reviews


Gough Whitlam, Malcolm Turnbull & the IPA

By Nathan Waite -

One year before Abbott’s 2013 Election victory the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) implored Tony Abbott to “be like Gough” in his first term...

Category: Politics


Bridge of Spies Review

By A.C. Taylor -

There have been articles recently hinting that even the great Steven Spielberg faces struggles to finance his own films. Given his latest “Bridge of...

Category: Reviews


PAX 2015 Review

By Grigory Graborenko -

Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) has just finished its third year in Melbourne, and is proving to be a successful experiment for the two founders,...

Categories: Gaming, Reviews


It doesn’t really matter what Tones says anymore

By Blair Wigley -

For years he was the source of constant cringe and embarrassment. Now in the twilight of his political career Tony Abbott is desperately trying...

Category: Politics


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